Thematic Comparison Of Literature Of Smart Cities

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Thematic Comparison Of Literature
The recent years have seen a growing trend towards concentration in each country in major urban centres. This fact constantly evolves and would place all of city infrastructure. Parallel to this situation, there are problems in the various fields that determine the standard of living of a society such as health, transport, and environment and caused concerns about their solution. Growing urbanization and the serious economic and environmental challenges guide the creation of smart cities as how to offer technological solutions. This option is designed to bridge the gap between supply and demand as well as reduce the impact on the environment because of intense urbanization
Different Approaches
Trying approach and conversion of an urban environment in smart city using as a model the multilevel general architecture led to the development and improvement of different characteristics depending on the particular use of evolving.
Developed cities were marked as:
• Virtual: cities associated with environments through which local information and virtual simulation of the city were offered.
• Knowledge Based: cities on public databases of common interest which are constantly updating and accompanied by appropriate software management mechanisms for public access.
• Broadband: cities where they have installed several different communication technologies that allows the connection of households and local businesses in high-speed networks.
• Ambient:…

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