Thematic Comparison Of Literature Of Smart Cities

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Thematic Comparison Of Literature
The recent years have seen a growing trend towards concentration in each country in major urban centres. This fact constantly evolves and would place all of city infrastructure. Parallel to this situation, there are problems in the various fields that determine the standard of living of a society such as health, transport, and environment and caused concerns about their solution. Growing urbanization and the serious economic and environmental challenges guide the creation of smart cities as how to offer technological solutions. This option is designed to bridge the gap between supply and demand as well as reduce the impact on the environment because of intense urbanization
Different Approaches
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• Smart: cities which present specific approaches that encourage participation and discussion and attract investment from the private sector to find solutions with regard to the efficient platforms.
• Digital: cities where attempted extension of previous resource for connecting metropolitan environments so as to give the opportunity to address and eliminate local challenges.

Activity Sectors
The creation of a framework that can be used to characterize the way in which developed a smart city and design initiatives that promote this growth opposes the view of some of the smart cities. The researchers simply see it as smart urban centres which make better use of information and communication technologies. Instead, the effort should focus on a broad and comprehensive approach to improve the efficiency of city operations, citizens’ quality of life and the economy. The axes which move the development framework and improving the smart city are the economy, people, governance, mobility, environment and living.
The development of smart city requires managing a complex system of factors in the line of the above axes. This is because everyone 's dimensions give the actual value that is required to achieve the target. The smart city is defined as a superset systems aimed at optimization of public and private city systems. The processes leading to the improvement of urban business is
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