Thematic Elements of One is One and All Alone by Nicholas Fisk and Possible Teaching Activities

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From the repertoire of short stories available to form 2 students, this paper will select a piece written by Nicholas Fisk, entitled One is One and All Alone. The story is about Trish, the main protagonist, living on a spaceship bound for Trion. There were no other adolescence of her peer but there were her father and several other adults on deck maintaining the spaceship. Trish got lonely pretty quick and decided to create a clone of herself to accompany her lonely journey to Trion. At first it was all butterflies and rainbows but later things got ugly and lead to a traged where Trish was thrown out of the spaceship by her clone, Clo. In the end, Clo enjoyed living her new life as Trish without being noticed by her Dad. The central…show more content…
Made popular by Carter and Long in 1991 in their book, Teaching Literature, this personal growth model is aimed at helping students to achieve an engagement with the reading of literary texts (Carter and Long, 1991). Why does this paper select the personal growth model as the model of choice in teaching the short story One is One and All Alone? It is because the ultimate goal of teaching a literary text or literature itself is not for examination purposes. It is larger than that. It is to help the students assimilate the lessons learned or the messages implied from any literary texts into their daily life, especially later when they are old enough to make decisions on their own. Carter and Long (1991) suggested that the teacher should be able to impart a lasting pleasure in the students upon reading literary texts and could help them achieve a deep satisfaction in a continuing growth of understanding. Besides that, personal growth model is more student centered (Carter and Long,1991). The overall aim is the ability to motivate the students to read by relating the themes and topics depicted in a literary text to his or her own personal experience. Therefore, the theme of friendship and making friends are very relatable towards students at that particular stage in life. They should be able to extract the positive message implied on the
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