Thematic Essay On Life After Death

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For humans, we know the universal reality for us all is that in some point we will not escape death. During the many years that humans have been on earth we have created the concept of an Afterlife. The Afterlife is an idea created to fulfill the questioning and essential part of an individual’s identity after their death, in the thought that it will continue to exist after the death of the figure. Different religions have different practices and beliefs regarding their life after their death. Some believe that their body is reincarnated and others believe that after their death the soul is raised and united with God. I will be focusing on the key beliefs of the Islam and Catholicism religions.

Catholics strongly believe in life after death and that humans were created to be in perfect with each other and God before sin entered the world. They believe that Jesus was fully God and fully human. His sacrifice upon the cross was the start of a new agreement. By doing this he restored the personal relationship between humans and God. and that Jesus sacrificed himself when died on the cross for us and rose from the dead 3 days later and sat down at the right hand of God.
They think that after the body has died the soul will live on and be lifted up to God,
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They look to The Quaran, the Holy Book of Islam states. The Islamic faith follow the 5 Pillars of Islam: Shahada-The verbal pledge to Allah, Salah-Perform five Salats, Seyam-Fasting during Ramadan, Zakah- Obligation to a charity, Hajj-Performance of a pilgrimage. The also have the six pillars of faith: Belief in God(Allah), Belief in Mala-eka(Angels), Belief in the Books of Allah, Belief in the Prophets of Allah, Belief of the Day or Judgement, Destiny-Devine Decree) Muslism’s also look towards the Prophet of Muhammad who was know for him sincerity, truthfulness and generosity. Muhammad was very religious and encourage the Islamic faith to follow in his
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