Thematic Groupings of Essays

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Thematic Groupings of Essays The three essays selected have several key traits in common. Among the traits shared, each piece is written by a woman. Each essay expresses both a single aspect and the general experience of being a woman in a western patriarchal society. Additionally, each piece of writing is specifically divided into sections by theme, by style, and sometimes by formatting. This essay will examine the essays as a group and specifically take note of the divisions within each essay. How a writer divides her work can indicate the writer's perspective, sensibility, or strategy of communication. In their own ways, each author is writing about the lack of equality for women in society. The authors vary their methods of expression. Stanton is direct and abrupt. Cisneros is more lyrical and descriptive. Brady uses humor, irony, and wit to make her points. The paper will contend that the pieces of writing are, in their unique ways, divided, and will illustrate those divisions as an intentional method of grouping by theme. Stanton begins with a section entitled "Declaration of Sentiments." (Stanton, "Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution, Seneca Falls Convention 1848," Page 581) In her first section, she quotes the Declaration of Independence and makes small modifications that support her assertions. She begins by appealing to every American's sense of national pride and shared national history. The remainder of this section is a concise list of the ways in
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