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Your Notes (36 points): Thematic Idea #1:different forms of courage Document the Precise Location (1 point) Summarize the Situation in the Text (2 points) • Discuss how the situation relates to and reveals the larger thematic idea (2 points) • Draw a conclusion about the larger thematic message(s) that Bradbury seems to be communicating through this instance (1 point) Example #1 page 104 top to bottom Montag went into the metro station and goes to Faber's house with a book. While in the metro, people were saying 'call the guard' or 'the man 's off'. But, he still got to Faber's houses This part of the book shows the amount of courage Montag has. Because he went into a public place with a book. When he could get arrested.…show more content…
As an example Beatty said "Couloured poeple didn't like Little Black Sambo. Burn it." This relates to the themacitc idea because it shows us the purpose for the governent to censor it. Bradbury seems to be communicating that censoring books could make people happier becuase they would not feel offended. Example #2 page 191 middle paragraph Montag was escaping the police and threw them off at a river. Then, the police killed another person that looked like Montag so people didn't panic. This relates to the thematic idea because it shows that when you censor ideas and books you get ignorant and oblivouse people that get tricked by the government. Bradbury seems to be communicating that while censoring might make everyone happier it doesn't make it perfect.
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