Thematic Message Of A Poem

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The Written Product Thematic Message The Thematic Message of a poem is its “deeper/underlying meaning” and the Theme is “the subject of discussion”. The poem opens up with an intriguing title known as “Unspoken Hostility”. Looking in to this, it is seen that the title may refer to some sort of non-verbal conflict occurring. Stanza 1, Line 1, tells the reader that the persona is in a bus, and is feeling lonely. Line 2, simply, states that they sit down. Looking at Lines 3 – 4, the persona looks out the window and stares at the winter climate, and then, looks at the floor beneath their feet. Stanza 1, Line 5, tells the reader that they see 4 black Jube Jubes, and in the next line, states that they are squished. Looking at Stanza 2, a lady is brought up within the first line. This woman scans the bus and finds the empty seat next to the persona. Moving to Line 6, it is said that the newly introduced character is hesitant to sit next to the narrator, however, does anyways. In Stanza 2, Lines 9 – 10, and Stanza 3, Lines 1 – 2, the lady takes her gloves off and the protagonist perceives her hands as pale as the bitter winter. Looking at the terms “bitter” and “cold”, it is seen that the persona doesn’t appreciate the colour white. Stanza 3, Lines 3 – 4, allow the persona to speak of their hands being the earthy tones of spring. In these lines, it is seen that the persona described themselves with positive terms. At this point of time, the reader knows that this poem refers to
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