Thematic Study on A.K.Ramanujan's Poetry

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Introduction: A.K.Ramanujan is one of the interesting poets in the 20th century Indian English literature. His timeline is between 1929 and 1994. His poetry attained its popularity in 1960s. He is considered as the voice of modern India, though he shows his deep root in Indian tradition and culture. Among his contemporaries A.K.Ramanujan seems grave and sincere due to variety of themes prevailed in his poetry. He is not only a poet but also the greatest translator. He is famous for his translations rather than other creative works.
His Major Works: An astonished classic Ramanujan has written numerous poems. They were gathered and put in four volumes under one title The Collected Poems. Of these four volumes The
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In Ramanujan’s view, the time is totally lost by the time pieces on wrists and towers. Though the first stanza speaks about the loss of time, the second stanza concentrates on the motion of time, which is considered as the victory of time. The lines which express the victory of time are following: though the wheels turn, the cogs catch: at the centre of the white, black, or coin face, the axle, dot of metal, turns continually:….. (10-14)
Here the phrase ‘turns continually’ perfectly matches with the movement of time. The two hands of the clock and twelve numbers certainly indicate the time and its message. Ramanujan opines that the twelve numbers say nothing when they are not touched by the two hands inserted in the clock. He additionally tells that time just keeps on moving. In an airport people are waiting for their flight to take off, they go on measuring the time. In Ramanujan’s description their eyes look but can’t see anything and their ears listen but cannot hear anything. At any place at anytime, time is not going to stop its function. It moves on and does its duty. It remembers the readers an Indian proverb “Time and tide waits for none”.
Theme of Indian Culture and Tradition: Each country of the world has its own culture, with

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