Thematic Themes In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Kermode is suggesting that Romeo’s and Juliet’s age is a big factor in the play, and is one reason why their love was doomed.
Hot blood = strong passions, usually younger people have stronger feelings and passion. Rapture = feeling of intense pleasure or joy.
“Youth in this play is a separate nation”
Kermode is saying that youth is portrayed completely different compared to today's society.
In Shakespeare’s time, women were expected to get married at an early age and arranged marriages were common. Today, it is taboo to get married at age 14 or even younger.
“It’s customs are not understood by the old”
Juliet and Romeo’s families didn't understand their love. They only cared about the feud between the families.
The old generations don’t
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Shakespeare is able to convey that no one escapes fate
Shakespeare is able to convey the power of love
There are many more thematic concepts that Shakespeare is able to convey through Mercutio
Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech symbolizes dreams and desires, and it is a very powerful monologue in the play
Mercutio is a FOIL to Romeo’s character
In the Queen Mab speech, Mercutio argues that love is a dream and dreams are nothing, therefore love is nothing.
This is the exact opposite view that Romeo has on love, saying love is real and passionate.
Mercutio also uses puns and word play to tease people
Mercutio started the fight with Tybalt by insulting his name while Romeo was trying to calm everyone down and to not start a fight. (Another way they are FOILS)
Mercutio does not think before he acts, and he is hasty, unlike Romeo.
Mercutio’s Name
Mercutio’s name connects him directly with the god Mercury, who shares many of his characteristics. Both names are related to the word “mercurial” which means being subject to sudden or unpredictable
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When the nurse says “I saw the wound, I saw it with mine eyes - God save the mark - here on his manly breast,” Juliet thinks the Nurse is speaking about Romeo, when she is really talking about Tybalt.
Juliet says, “my dearest cousin, and my dearer lord.” This line shows that Juliet loves Tybalt, but she treasures Romeo more.
Juliet has full trust in Romeo and is loyal to him, this is a sign of true love,
This is apparent in the part where Juliet finds out that Romeo killed Juliet At first, she feels she has been deceived by Romeo and that his beautiful exterior really houses a devilish soul. But then she decides that she should not speak dishonorably of Romeo, just because he is her husband. She then concludes that Romeo must have killed Tybalt out of self-defense and decides to continue loving and trusting Romeo.
Finally, Romeo and Juliet confess their love for each other during the Balcony
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