Theme Analysis: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

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Throughout history a people's hopes have enabled them to triumph against all odds. The militiamen of colonial America were able to protect their independence from the British, who at the time had the largest, most powerful military in the world. In more recent years, the passengers of a commercial airliner included in the 9/11 tragedy were able to crash their plane before it reached its unknown, but surely, life-devastating destination. These were ordinary people were able to overtake armed, savagely trained terrorists. They were empowered by the hope of saving lives, which they did through their brave sacrifice. This kind of hope inspires many emotions and feelings. It allows people to convince themselves that what they want to happen …show more content…
The Hassassin comes from a long line of assassins dating back to the time of the original formation of the Illuminati. When he receives Janus' call and orders, he sees it as a chance to prove himself. The Hassassin takes his actions in hope of raising himself up to the glory where he has place his ancient ancestors. He hopes that by working with Illuminati against the Catholic Church, he will have proved himself of the honor bestowed upon him by his heritage. Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra enter Vatican City and soon realize that it would be fruitless searching for the lost anti-matter. The Swiss Royal Guard stationed in the Vatican are in charge of that crisis. Langdon and Vittoria soon catch wind of the missing cardinals and are leading the search to find the Hassassin before he can kill all four of the preterite. This is literally a puzzling task and it pushes Langdon to his maximum. He must follow the Path of Illumination (an ancient path across Rome, where one would find marks leading to other marks and eventually to the Church of Illumination, where one could join the Illuminati) to find the Hassassin. It seems that the Hassassin is always one step ahead of Langdon, due to the fact Langdon had to stretch his mind to its maximum to find the next marker. Langdon, under the stress of saving the four possible popes, is able to follow the path of Illumination. The path of Illumination was literally only figured out by the greatest minds of the time, during the

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