Theme Death In Hamlet

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Death Happens
(The Theme of Death in Hamlet)
“And this is the nature of birth and death” (Strain). This Quote suggests that death is just apart of life and that it happens to everyone and I highly agree with that. Death is a huge factor in life, In the play, Hamlet, By Shakespeare there is a huge theme of death throughout the play. Often many people think that is all the play is about due to all the deaths in the play. At the end of the end everyone happens to die. In the famous play, Hamlet, by Shakespeare there are three main themes that I have consumed.
First of all, in the play, Hamlet, by Shakespeare there is a theme of death that is a ripal effect. At the beginning of the play there was a Hamlet's dad that died due to his uncle pouring poison into his ear. The was the very first death but throughout the play everyone around hamlet begins to die including his loved ones father Polonius that he accidentally killed and even his own girlfriend ends up dying. Laertes mentions, “Now pile your dust upon the quick and dead found, Till of this flat a mountain you have made” (Act 5 Scene 1 Lines 229-232). This quote shows that there are a great amount of death in this play that they had to bury dead bodies on top of dead bodies. And throughout the play the deaths get closer and closer to hamlet like a ripal effect and eventually Hamlet himself dies. Hamlet is trying to kill his uncle the whole time and eventually it came back to him. Dasa Infers, “What goes around comes
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