Theme : Follow Your Dreams, And Never Give Up

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Arielle Theme: Follow your dreams, and never give up “School is so boring” i said to myself. I wish i could go out to the beach again and help the baby turtles out to sea again. That is the only thing that makes me happy. Not my friends, not my family, not even books, and I love books. “Arielle” my teacher called my name. “Yes” I said. “Please stop daydreaming and listen to what I 'm saying, you have been failing this class so you should be listening or you won 't be able to get into college ” he yelled. “Yes, Mr. Anderson” I replied. As everyone started to laugh at me. I thought to myself “ Don 't listen to them they 're stupid I will get into college no matter what they say”. I wish I had friends I said to myself. Mom said that…show more content…
Now that you know all about me let 's get back to my day. After class i jumped on my blue beach bike and rode home as fast as i could i just had to get away from that horrible school. When i finally got home i jumped off my bike and ran to my laptop to see if i got accepted to the cruise. As i opened the email and saw a “You have been accepted i jumped up and down so much it was crazy my mom was still at work so no one could hear me so i thought. then i heard a strange banging on my window and i ran outside and saw a man that looked my age and he said “Hello, does a Julie Stephens live here?” and i replied “Yes, that is my mom” oh well i am supposed to be coming here to tell you that your mom has passed away from a heart problem. Then everything went black and i woke up later in a hospital bed with a weird mask on and i couldn 't remember anything that happened before that. Then someone came in and said finally you 're awake you have been out for 24 hours we 've been worried about you. “What happened?” i asked. Well your mother passed away a few hours ago from a heart problem and then we sent someone to tell you and when they told you you fainted. “What am I going to do now?” i said. i lost everything, then i burst out crying “Well we have provided a new house for you to live in and it is just down the street from you high school.” he replied. “ Thank you very much, when will i get to leave the hospital then?” i said. “ You can actually leave

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