Theme In Ghassan Kanafani's Men In The Sun

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Theme Of Men In The Sun: In the short novel, Men In The Sun, Ghassan Kanafani engraves a depiction of the evident hardships, anguish, and humiliation that every Palestinian endures. Ghassan Kanafani uses poignant words to grasp the inmost portion of the hearts of his audience. His usage of vivid imagery and figurative language forge a mood of pity and sorrow towards the four protagonists. Each protagonist is introduced with a heartbreaking backstory. These four backstories clarify to the audience why each character has decided to reach Kuwait. As they embark on an ambitious journey to freedom, they are met with numerous complications; such as weather, age, Abu Baqir, and even each other. As the somber novel comes to an end, so do the lives of three crucial characters. Hope is truly absent in Men In The Sun and loss surfaces as the mere connecting element: Abu Qais losses his source of income, Assad his innocence, Marwan his education, and Abul Khaizuran his manhood. Kanafani utilizes these losses to compose a novel that provides a unique perspective of the Palestinian cause. Furthermore, the unfortunate losses of each character mold their personality. Kanafani shapes a chilling theme in Men In The Sun: Loss strikes every heart, which is indisputable in the distressing losses of Abu Qais, Assad, Marwan, and Abul Khaizurn. Abu Qais is the first character the audience is acquainted with. He is hesitant and panicked about his decision to travel to Kuwait; he was

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