Theme Of A Farewell To Arms

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A character from A Farewell to Arms whose mind is pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires and obligations is Frederic Henry. Frederic Henry is involved in the war whether or not he wants to admit it. He has seen his friends die in it, however he believes you should never quit. The two conflicting directions that Frederic is faced with is the war and the love he has for Catherine. Throughout the book Fredric had to make choices that would stray him away from the war or his love, Katherine. One of the directions that is compelled by obligation is the war. The war is what Fredric came all the way to Europe for. He left his family and decided to live his life fighting in this war. It is an obligation and not something you can just walk away from without consequences. One of the ways that the author develops this conflict is through description. Description is used in many instances to show how close of a relationship Fredric has with it. An example of this description is, “ We heard the Germans and Austrians had broken through in the north and were coming down the mountain valleys toward Cividale and Udine. The retreat was orderly, wet and sullen. In the night, going slowly along the crowded roads we passed troops marching under the rain, guns, horses pulling wagons, mules, motor trucks, all moving away from the front.”(pg 188, Hemingway). Through this description is it evident that the war is all over and can not be escaped. Especially due to Fredrics
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