Theme Of A Perfect Day For Bananafish

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The story, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, by J.D. Salinger is one of numerous other texts that evidently displays impactful literary elements as well as a superior writer’s craft. Through the use of character foils, imagery, and symbolism, significance is added to the text. To begin, the story, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, creates an overall significance to the text through the literary element of a character foil. A character foil is defined as a character who contrasts another character to highlight the significant qualities of that specific character. Within the story, a character foil occurs between the main characters, Muriel and Seymour Glass, who are married. The author attempts to display the substantial difference between the couple, with Muriel being the epitome of the story’s materialistic society , and Seymour being simplistic but also detached from the rapacious culture. On page two of the text, the author elaborates on Muriel’s views during the conversation with her mother with “‘Anyway, after Bingo he and his wife asked me if I would like to join them for a drink. So I did. His wife was horrible. You remember that awful dress we saw in Bonwit’s window?...” This selection depicts the materialistic views of Muriel Glass, as she, instead of discussing the potential methods of treatments for Seymour’s mental instability, decided to highlight the appearances and views of the couple she met with. The selection also adds to the story by introducing Muriel as a

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