Theme Of A Tale By William Wilson

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In Edgar Allan Poe’s William Wilson. A Tale, he ornately represents each of the characteristics of gothic movement. First characteristic of gothic movement Poe presents in the William Wilson. A Tale is the description of landscape outside vs. inside. In the text, Wilson describes the outdoor setting distinctly, “My earliest recollections of a school-life are connected with a large, rambling, cottage-built, and somewhat decayed building in a misty-looking village of England, where were a vast number of gigantic and gnarled trees, and where all the houses were excessively ancient and inordinately tall” (Poe 643). Whereas, Wilson describes the indoor setting as a mysterious place. For instance, he mentions the house interior with steps in which certain steps are rising or dropping. Also, his school-room described as “it was very long, narrow, and dismally low, with pointed Gothic windows and a ceiling of oak” (Poe 644). According to Wilson’s narrative, the outdoor setting was dark and misty. However, he describes it as a “dream-like and spirit-soothing place” (Poe 643). The dark atmosphere of outdoor and the mysterious characteristic of inside demonstrates the characteristic of the gothic movement. The second characteristic of the gothic movement is sinister, grotesque, or claustrophobic atmosphere. The story had dark atmosphere build up from the beginning by the narrator and as it reached the end, Wilson and his double created more intense and grotesque atmospheres. For
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