Theme Of A Thousand Acres By Jane Smiley

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A Thousand Acres, a novel by Jane Smiley, is about a father, named Larry Cook, who divides his farm between his two daughters, the third daughter didn't want to be a part of the deal, and it focuses how this decision changes the lives of everyone in the story. The main theme of the story is the discovery of who and you and the people you are close to are like, and what you can do with this realization. One of the examples of this theme is how Ginny realizes that she is no longer in love with her husband, Ty. Ginny only begins to realize that she no longer loves Ty after cheating on him with Jess, a man who dodged the draft for the Vietnam War. After cheating on Ty, she begins to realize that she is annoyed with how Ty always tries to look
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