Theme Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Throughout Shakespeare’s Macbeth, it is clear that many themes are present. There is a clear theme about one controlling their own destiny. Another clear theme is violence, there is a lot of murder in this play. But one of the most important universal themes in this play is the theme of ambition. Many of the characters show their ambition for different needs and wants. Macbeth showed his ambition for being king and Lady Macbeth showed her ambition for being queen. Ambition leads to downfall and it drives Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to become king and queen, Macduff to kill Macbeth and for the witches to give out prophecies. Macbeth was given the prophecy that he would one day be king. Macbeth was known by the king as only good things. The king even called Macbeth, “My worthiest kinsman!” (Act 1, Scene 4). But when Lady Macbeth heard that Macbeth would be king and she would be queen her ambition became clear. She needed to convince Macbeth that killing the king was the right thing to do. Lady Macbeth motivates Macbeth by tearing down his manhood. They both became power hungry and too ambition which ultimately, led to their downfall. Lady Macbeth took her own life because the guilt drove her mad. She was seen by the doctor walking around in her sleep talking about the things that Macbeth had done. Macbeth contributed to his own downfall when he killed the king, had people kill Banquo and when he had people kill Macduff’s family. Macbeth’s ambition was to keep his crown and to

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