Theme Of An Ideal Husband By Lord Goring

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Lord Goring is known for his elegance, refusal to take anything seriously, and determination to stay single. These social traits give the reader a reason to believe that Lord Goring is a homosexual, repressed by the society he lives in. Homosexuality was, at the time of Wilde's writing, largely rejected by the English Victorian society. In An Ideal Husband, Lord Goring is a mess of paradoxes. He keeps the plot moving in the lives of his friends, but he does not make any progress in his own life. He constantly talks about philosophical ideals but rejects the theory that he is a romantic. Goring is utterly unwilling to be trapped by obligations, successfully evading responsibility by twisting words and using layers upon layers of nonsensical dialogue. However, there…show more content…
He tells Robert, “…they are so pleased to find out other people’s secrets. It distracts public attention from their own.” For Goring, his involvement in other people’s lives is a distraction for people who would otherwise be enthralled with his personal life. However, the most obvious example of Goring’s sexuality is his determination to remain single. His father points out that he is unmarried, but Goring continues to procrastinate his marriage for as long as possible. He was, at one time, going to marry Mrs. Cheveley though the engagement was broken off after only 3 days. This would have been the perfect marriage for a homosexual because it was a loveless pairing and Cheveley would not be likely to complain because of her lack of money, though Goring still could not bring himself to marry her. In addition, when Goring finally does propose near the end of the novel, he does so to Mabel Chiltern, whom functions as his best friend. Goring may never have true romantic feelings for her, but he does enjoy her company. This is another relationship that seems like a flimsy distraction from his true sexuality. All in all, Goring is a man of

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