Theme Of Betrayal In Antigone

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What is loyalty and betrayal? In the play Antigone a lot of loyalty and betrayal was seen. The play Antigone is about one of Antigone’s brothers not having a proper burial; while the other brother was given the burial that they had both deserved. So Antigone goes on a mission to bury her brother, after she does this she is arrested for her crime of burying him after Creon, the king, says that no one is allowed to bury her. Antigone is then sentenced to death for not following the law Creon had made but going with the gods laws. After Antigone is locked up to starve she hangs herself; when the king’s son finds her dead he goes and kills himself. When Creon’s wife hears of this she also kills herself after the loss of both of her sons, therefore Creon is left all alone to die. In this play the universal theme of loyalty and betrayal is seen; this changed the purpose and meaning to the work because it affect Antigone and her loyalty to the gods but betrayal to mans law, Creon and his loyalty to mans law but betrayal to the gods, and Haemon’s loyalty to Antigone and his betrayal to his father Creon. In the play Antigone believes that the gods law is far more superior than the law’s of man. One of the times she had shown her loyalty to the gods was when she went against Creon’s law and buried her brother even though she knew it was punishable by death. When this event took place it showed that Antigone was more loyal to the gods, but she had betrayed Creon and his laws. The
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