Theme Of Betrayal In The Aeneid

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If there is anything to learn from failed relationships, whether it be with a best friend or a significant other, the idea that one of the partners may not have put enough effort into the relationship is ever present, which soon causes the other to feel neglected and drift away. But women continue to pour their heart out to try and make their partner happy; however, in the end, they fall short of their love and end up heartbroken. Book IV of the Aeneid is a prime example of this because Queen Dido promises to love only Aeneas forever. But as he leaves Carthage to fulfill his destiny, Dido, along with many women in the world, have their heart broken despite the effort they put into their relationship.
One of the biggest acts of betrayal
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Aeneas is perfectly fine with this decision and tries to sneak away from Dido, despite her love for him. Soon Dido finds out and she feels betrayed, saying that he can’t leave on behalf of their marriage. Aeneas says that it was a fake wedding only to satisfy the gods and Dido loses her mind, cursing everything of Aeneas. She demands him to leave, and when he dies on his ship, she will be there to haunt his every move. Aeneas soon becomes very aware of Dido’s sudden behavior and, despite his love for her, he leaves with his fleet. Dido becomes infuriated and falls into another state of depression. She curses him one last time, saying, “I hope and pray that on some grinding reef midway at sea you’ll drink your punishment and call and call on Dido’s name!” (Virgil 4.506-508). Soon, with help from the gods, Aeneas falls overboard and drowns with Dido’s name on his last breath. Dido, content and slightly broken inside after hearing of Aeneas’ death, she assembles all of his things that he did not take with him on his voyage together. Queen Dido lights the things on fire, and proceeds to stab herself, her body falling into the flames. That is the end of Book IV of the Aeneid. But the most important moral of this section was that no matter how many times he betrayed her and destroyed her heart, Dido still loved Aeneas; and women across the world are experiencing the exact same thing.
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