Theme Of Characterization In The Pobber Bride

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Characterization is a literary device that is used step by step in literature to highlight and explain the details about a character in a story. This has been used as a literary tool for about five hundred years. However, older forms of Literature were focused more on the plot rather than the characters. The usage of characterization in Literature became popular after scholars began to consider psychology as a scientific field around the 19th century, which resulted in why readers started getting interested in “why the characters acted a certain way”, “how did the character react” and so on. Authors use characterization in their literary work, to give substance to their characters, show the characters’ motivation, and allow the readers to connect with the characters.

For my investigation, I will explore “The portrayal of characterization involved with women empowerment in The Robber Bride”. The novel that is being investigated is a literary work by Margaret Atwood. Margaret Atwood is a
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The novel is about three women who were double-crossed by their university classmate, Zenia, who is the antagonist in this literary work. The novel begins with the three protagonists, Tony, Rose and Charis having lunch in a restaurant. During one of their lunch dates they see Zenia in the restaurant, who was apparently died. The characters stories are told through flashbacks of their journey from childhood to their time in university until the present. The reader gets to know each of the protagonists in great details however, the reader does not get to know the male characters as much as the protagonists. The male characters are considered as weak, dull and lifeless. Not only are the male characters quite unknown but so is Zenia, she is mysterious. Zenia tells Tony, Rose and Charis three different biography of herself, even towards the end of the story, the reader does not get to know who she really

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