Theme Of Childhood In Oliver Twist

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ASSIGNMENT Name: Maliha Fazal Roll no: MA49 5575 Course Code: GENG 557 Course Title: Fiction Topic: Portrayal of childhood in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. The portrayal and theme of childhood in the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is something the Victorian writer has written and explored extensively upon in many of his works. The mentioned novel has one child protagonist and many other child characters which play a pivotal and supporting role in the plot and in the gradual development of the entire novel. The novel being analysed was selected due to the element of childhood being crucial to the novel’s progress. The novel follows a child protagonist whose fate has been sculpted by his family life or lack thereof of it. Dickens’s novels…show more content…
Dickens seizes the opportunity to lament and criticize the treatment of children by the English society in his novel “What a noble illustration of the tender laws of England! They let the paupers go to sleep!” (Oliver Twist). This quote comments on the end of the day when Oliver goes to sleep after picking oakum together with other children. Various realistic depictions of the horrific conditions are described in the novel. From beatings to starvation all have been exposed in Oliver Twist. As shown by: “Oliver Twist and his companions suffered the tortures of slow starvation for three months...” (Oliver Twist). Children were abused both physically and mentally. Adults considered children to be inferior creatures. “I know that boy will be hung.ʼ” (Oliver Twist). Despite his awful situation,Oliver´s moral compass remains undamaged by the influence of his pathetic treatment. Even joining a gang of thieves renders him unchanged and he is still a naive, pure and innocent child, who, despite his miserable life experiences and tortures, still believes in
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