Theme Of Communication In The Movie Crash

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An Analysis of the Communication used in Crash by Paul Haggis The movie Crash shows the hostility between characters of different backgrounds, primarily through their interactions and dialect, to prove that everyone experiences discrimination and racism in their lives no matter their race, religion, sexual-orientation, age, etc. Director Paul Haggis focuses on language, behavior, and stereotypes to convey the different kinds of communication used between the diverse races and ethnicity groups that are shown throughout the film. The textbook, Understanding Human Communication, defines human communication as the process of creating meaning through symbolic interactions, but this process is much more intricate than this definition makes it out to be (Adler, 5). Through my own analysis of the plot and various storylines, I will discuss the concepts and principles of communication used to portray the injustice of racial stereotyping and persecution in today’s society.
Three specific concepts of communication from Understanding Human Communication I recognized in the movie include the process of forming self-perception and perceptions of others, stereotyping, and the power of language, more specifically connotative language. Stereotyping is defined as “the perceptual process of applying exaggerated beliefs associated with a categorizing system” (Adler, 49). In Crash, two young men interact for the first time toward the end of the plot, a white police officer named
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