Theme Of Como Agua Para Chocolate

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The first integral theme of the story is, if you love someone, you’d do anything to make them happy. One way this theme is shown is when, Mr. Peters wished for a wife. Mr. Peters, “knew that it was hopeless and [Leita] would never be happy.” Over time, it was evident to Mr. Peters that Leita was miserable and wasn’t ever going to be content if she continued to live as a human. Turning into a human has separated her from her sister causing her to be depressed with this new life. Leita’s depression was the cause of Mr. Peters being in a state of mind, where he would do anything to make her jovial. Her being dejected led Mr. Peters to, “[take] another leaf from his notecase, [blow] it out of the window, and [use] up his second wish.” Mr. Peters
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