Theme Of Conflict In Antigone

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Elizabeth Heeb
Doctor Pratt
Intellectual Heritage I (IH 851)
28 September 2017
Moral Conflict and Internal Change in Antigone
Beliefs are not always based on facts that you would find in a textbook-they are something that one believes is true. When I first read Sophocles’ play Antigone, my initial impression of Creon was that his beliefs of the law and the state were rational because of his role as a ruler. But as the play progressed, I began to disagree with his behavior and his values because he only focused on his own moral beliefs rather than considering the beliefs of other people, which could have resolved conflict. Throughout the play, the theme of authority of the state and religion is represented through the individual beliefs of
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I strongly disagree with Zizek because she is viewed as promoting an authority of herself only because of the gender conflict between men and women. Because of Antigone’s role as a woman in the Theban culture, she is viewed as demanding and stubborn against Creon’s order. But if it were to be a man who opposed Creon, he would be seen as courageous and assertive. Additionally, Antigone justifies her position by claiming that it is her moral duty to bury Polyneices because the last of her kin are gone. She accuses Creon by calling him a tyrant: “I never heard it was Zeus Who made that announcement. And it wasn’t justice, either. The gods below Didn’t lay down this law for human use. And I never thought your announcements Could give you—a mere human being— Power to trample the gods’ unfailing, Unwritten laws,” (450-456). By Antigone burying Polyneices, she gains the respect and support of people who also believe in honoring the dead and respecting the gods.
After Eteocles and Polyneices die in battle, Creon was the next of kin to rule the people of Thebes. After rising to power, he immediately undergoes the destructive effects of power. As a result of this, he becomes irrational in his thoughts and decisions and consequently, he abuses his power. For instance, Creon arrests Ismene solely based on the reason that
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