Theme Of Conflict In Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë, is a literary work that details on the external and internal conflicts of a young girl living as a governess during the early 19th century. Throughout the story, Jane’s experiences lead to a development of education and a high level of maturation. Most of Jane’s life is controlled by a series of two conflicting forces that will ultimately affect her future. These ideas include the conflict of desire vs. morality and passion vs. reason. Each of the conflicting forces, whether they are internal or external, will ultimately affect Jane’s future, and eventually alter her maturity and her overall perception of societal norms.
At the beginning of Jane Eyre, Jane is a very young girl who is living with her physically and emotionally abusive aunt and cousins. When she leaves this torturous household, she is sent to Lowood, a school for young girls. There, Jane meets a girl named Helen Burns, who educates her on ethical behavior and morality. She becomes more patient and optimistic and also learns that self acceptance is the most important. After staying at this school for eight years, Jane is well-educated and aware of her own moral sense. Later on in the story, she falls in love with Mr. Rochester without knowing that he has a wife, and is engaged to marry him. When it is revealed to Jane that she is Mr. Rochester’s mistress, she has to decide between her desire and her sense of morals, she “was experiencing an ordeal: a hand of fiery iron
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