Theme Of Conflict In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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The idea that when people join together against discrimination or an injustice is prevalent in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. The novel highlights the mistreatment and injustice committed against the migrant people. The theme of unity is not only available in literature it is also something that can, and has been applied to real world problems. The only hope the migrants have for overcoming injustice is unity. The migrant people, or Okies as the Californians call them, are severely discriminated against. The cops are shown to treat the migrants worse than the average people treat the migrants. The migrant people are also unfairly jailed if they speak or act the slightest bit out of line. When Jim Casy goes to jail he learns that when “we all [get] yellin’... they come a-runnin”, so when Casy out of jail he finds a group of people to help him make a change(522). Casy and the people he gathers get angry at the farm, and wages are raised. When one alone stands against many they are asking for trouble. More often than not,the oppressors are more powerful than the oppressed. ]An individual person going against a group borders on suicide. Which is why, unity is a major theme in the book. Even if the migrants are weaker, their combined strength surpasses than their greed fueled oppressors. The migrant people are fueled by much more than greed, they are fueled by anger and desperation. The idea that change “Begins [ when] “I” [goes] to “We” conveys a powerful message about

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