Theme Of Conflict In Saga Of The Sioux

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The Sioux Nations are still around today and are struggling to get by in society maybe now more than ever. With little help financially from the government many people are burdened with disease, debt, lack of education, and famine. In the novel Saga of the Sioux the author, , gives the readers a description of the struggles and conflicts that the natives had to overcome thought they are still battling these conflicts today. The author also well elaborates several themes in the novel that express the challenges the natives had to deal with.
In the nonfiction novel Saga of the Sioux, there are two major conflicts the author portrays. These conflicts are Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Society. “...rumors of great forces of bluecoats marching from three directions.” This quote is a good example of Man vs. Society and how the bluecoats often surrounded the natives on their own soil and were forced them out of their homelands. “Signing the treaty of fort Laramie would force them to abandon their way of life…” is another good example of Man vs. Society for the natives in this novel. Man vs. Nature, another common overall theme of this novel, is really expressed in the quote, “twelve infants froze to death during the harsh winters along with other elders…” This quote really shows the harsh conditions the natives had to go through due to getting forced from their homes. Another good example of Man vs. Nature expressed in this novel is “...our children are dying of hunger…”
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