Theme Of Conflict In The Big World By Tim Winton

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Conflict drives the audience into the lives of others, making it the best literature. Tim Winton expresses his childhood experiences in his short stories, such as 'Big World'. The conflict includes the narrator’s inner feelings, conflict with his Mother and Biggie, being successful and his attitude towards the environment.'The Charge of the Light Brigade' (1870) is a poem, composed by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The conflict includes the devastation of war and the brave soldiers who fought.

Tim Winton's hometown, Albany has influenced his life and his writing. When he migrated to Albany, he was miserable and reluctant, ending up being fond of it. Winton’s experiences of the town have played a significant role later in his work because “The story that’s happening on the page takes [him] away”. This reinforces that it “gives him his greatest joy” because he is relieved from the conflict. Winton’s story, ‘Big World’ is a 1st person narration with a perspective of the Narrator.

Within, ‘Big World' the unnamed narrator has an internal conflict in regards to his failures and of Biggies. The use of emotive language indicates that he thinks carefully on his ‘failures’ and which it leads to him considering to ‘kill himself’. The narrator decides to undertake a fulfilling and enriching getaway because he has always ‘ [Dreamt] of escaping’. The narrator thinks he is “Responsible, like [his] ghost work stopped [Biggie] from learning. In a way [he] ruined his chances” This indicates that he

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