Theme Of Corruption In Brave New World

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Although society is advancing in many ways, it is succumbing to corruption. The only way to move past this corruption is to learn from it and grow as a person. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Carol Oates both include historical context in their works. They use this context to describe how far society has progressed and the corruption going on in the society. Though Brave New World and Where
Are You Going, Where Have You Been? took place in two different time periods they both describe some of the same characteristics.
Brave New World takes on characteristics of the 1920s and the industrial revolution in america.“
Brave New World also describes the world's progression through the industrial revolution. He describes the new technology like a machine that makes thousands of babies from one machine.
The industrial revolution was all about speeding the production of things. Ford's invention of the assembly line proved that, and Ford is represented as a god like figure in the story. Ford was very prevalent in the 20s and 30s considering he invented a monumental invention of the assembly line. The assembly line is used in the story to speed the process of injecting the test tube babies like how the assembly line is used in real life to speed up the manufacturing process. story uses satire to demonstrate the moral decay that’s starting to happen in society. The 1920-30s were a time of happiness from the war being over. With troops
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