Theme Of Corruption In Jasper Jones

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Although seemingly innocent, the small town of Corrigan, where the novel, Jasper Jones, is set, is home to a vast number of lies and secrets, and holds an immense amount of deception and manipulation within its walls. Secrets are a pivotal part of life and the human experience, and Jasper Jones reflects this in a relevant and thought-provoking manner, presenting the ways in which secrets and deceits can alter a person’s life for the worse, and cause emotional damage and trauma to those involved with the dishonesty.
The most significant secrets in the novel are those that are directly tied to the death of Laura Wishart, the truths surrounding her death go widely untold due to the fear of what could happen under the circumstances of the truth becoming widespread and common knowledge. Jasper is the one who discovers Laura’s body in the woods, this is an extremely traumatic incident as Jasper and Laura each had strong feelings for one another and, not only is Jasper forced to handle the ordeal of finding a dead body, but also the trauma of losing someone he loves dearly. Due to the racial prejudice that surrounds Corrigan and the people within it, Jasper correctly assumes that others would pin the blame onto him and assume he was responsible for the tragic incident, this means Jasper must deal with the emotional trauma himself without any support or recognition for what he is going through, this would be an emotionally taxing and damaging event yet he is prevented from any
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