Theme Of Corruption In The White Tiger

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Literature means which reflects the life. Likewise Adiga has wrote the novels which reflect the day-to-day life of Mumbai. To conclude, Adiga has presented both the novels “The White Tiger” and “Last Man In Tower” with the common themes of corruption, identity crisis, religious belif during Modernization and globalization in India. The main theme presents, the fact of money changes a person to be a murderer though they are a servant or any close relation to anybody. Both the novel has the theme of identity crisis. The novel show about Mumbai culture, tradition, Landscape and behavior of the people. While reading the novel “The White Tiger” there is a urge that due to poverty the protagonist who is from pelor family his master. Not only poverty…show more content…
The village Laxhmangar is fully corrupted by the four animals. The storkes and his son’s Mukesh and Ashok bribes the politician to run their coal industry. The corruption is made by Balram’s school teacher in the mid-day meal scheme, which affects many children without food. Adiga has also shows the corruption that takes place in hospitals, especially in the Government hospitals. This shows the author is very attached to the miidle class people to examine their suffering. When a man does to the line of poverty it is understable that another man is…show more content…
Though at first all the residents are happy and in unite within them as brothers, sisters and so on. When an offer comes and there is usage for money to those middle class people, they change as a dragon to experience the offer. Masterji serves a lot those their children, as a teacher by teaching their children, as a neighbour, as a grandfather to Mrs.Puri’s sons Ramu who is affected by Down Syndrome, and searches a lot of treatment to cure the boy and as a best friend to Mr and Mrs.Pinto. Though the resident people are close with one another they fails to understand the mentality of Masterji. Masterji’s son Gaurva also fails to experience his father’s feeling which is attached in that
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