Theme Of Cowardness In Hamlet

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In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Hamlet has received news that his father died suddenly. Only a couple of months later, his mother marries his deceased father’s brother, Claudius. This then makes Claudus become King of Denmark, enraging Prince Hamlet. After being visited by his father’s ghost Hamlet must make a decision on whether or not to kill King Claudius for vengeance. Although acts of weakness such as cowardness are showing throughout the play of Hamlet by William shakespeare, the sense of morality is what seems to be the cause of Hamlet’s lack of action. Both of these problems could have changed the novel as a whole if they had not held Hamlet back from acting upon Claudius.
Cowardness is a trait that Hamlet possesses and is also one of the main reasons why he chooses not to act upon Claudius. He had numerous chances where he would get away with it and yet decided not to kill the newly throned king. One example of this is shown when Hamlet enters the church and Claudius is praying for forgiveness to God.Claudius is asking for forgiveness since he had killed his own brother. “And so he goes to heaven,/ And so I am revenged. That would be scanned:/A Villain kills my father, and for that,/I, his sole son, do this same villain send/To heaven.”
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Weakness of character such as portraying a coward is an underlying reason why it took Hamlet longer than expected to murder Claudius. Morality is the main reason why Hamlet chose to act so late since he was deciding between whether the ghost was his father or not and wanting what is best for his mother. No matter what ended up holding Hamlet back for so long for killing Claudius it eventually lead to most of the main characters’ downfalls. Even someone as loved by the people as Hamlet can have their downfalls due to their conflicting
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