Theme Of Damon And Pythias

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I believe that the story “Two Friends” has presented friendship more realistically than “Damon and Pythias”. The reason I believe this is because “Damon and Pythias” is a Greek legend. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term “legend” is defined as “A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated.”( This definition suggests that the story is not authenticated, which means it may contain false and made up contents. This is contrary to the definition of reality. Therefore, the fact that “Damon and Pythias” is a greek legend makes the story unrealistic and not able to present a realistic friendship. On the other hand, the story “Two Friends” is a story set during a real…show more content…
In “Damon and Pythias”, the tyrannical Dionysius challenged the friendship between Damon and Pythias. Dionysius forced Damon and Pythias into a situation where Damon could have betrayed Pythias. Dionysius described Pythias’ faith toward his friend Damon as “foolish faith”(Russell, 1231). This quote suggests that Dionysius is a force against the friendship in the story. On the other hand, in the story “Two Friends”, the forces that opposed the friendship between the two gentlemen were the Prussian soldiers. The Prussian soldiers challenged the friendship between the two gentlemen by forcing them to confess the truth about the password while pulling them away from each other. If the gentleman did so, then it would have resulted in betrayal. For example, this is a quote from the Prussian officer: “Quick, the password? Your friend won’t know.”(Silber, 1239). This quote shows evidence of the Prussian soldier attempting to make the friends betray each other. In conclusion, both stories showed forces opposing friendship. The tyrannical Dionysius was the force that challenged the friendship in “Damon and Pythias”, and the Prussian soldiers were the forces that challenged the friendship in “Two
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