Theme Of Death In The Giver

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The Journey Have you ever wondered where you will go when you die? The School by Donald Barthelme and The Giver by Louis Lowry explore death as a common theme throughout the short story and the novel. The School is a short story told from the perspective of a teacher at what seems to be an elementary or middle school. The story, consisting of a mere 1200 words, follows the numerous tragedies the school faces over roughly a month long timespan. The Giver is a novel about a dystopian society and is told from the perspective of a young boy named Jonas. The story follows Jonas' journey in becoming the Receiver of Memory at age twelve, which is the normal age to be assigned a career in this society, and how he learns the truth about the world that he lives in. In The School, death is a very obvious theme. Barthelme uses death as the central theme and portrays it in a very humorous way. Whereas in The Giver, death, in terms of it being a theme, is very subtle and serious. This is shown in numerous ways throughout each story. Though death is treated differently in both The Giver and The School, and the message behind each work is different, the dystopian aspect connects the stories by exemplifying the lack of emotion and dehumanization of the characters in each story. In The School, death is the central theme of the story and is treated as something light and humorous, with the exception of a couple tone switches throughout the story. Barthelme uses escalation and a perpetually

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