Theme Of Death In The Stone Angel

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Canadian literature is an extensive field which has created a lot of memorable works of literature. Even though Canadian literature began as an extension of colonial literature, in course of time it has developed its own national characteristics. Early Canadian literature was heavily influenced by the traditions of the mother countries. However, by the early twentieth century writers began to discover their distinctly Canadian voices and expressed them through their writings.
The Canadian literature was mainly influenced by the landscape. The main themes of early literature were the fights of the native to cope up with the Canadian environment and his fight for survival. Later novels concentrated on the theme of the conflict between urban
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Hagar admits the fact that the fear of death has inhibited her life from her childhood itself. The theme of death occupies a predominant place from the beginning of the novel itself. The beginning is marked by its peculiar setting, that is, in the cemetery which refers to the death of Hagar’s mother, who died as a consequence of her birth. The novel demonstrates each of Hagar’s steps along the difficult journey of death which is at the same time frightening and terrifying. When Hagar first faced the truth that she is getting old and not going to be around much longer, her first reaction is of denial. Hagar becomes angry with herself and with the world. She rejects everything that would shatter her belief that is strong enough to face life. She rejects others idea that she is getting old. At one point she says, “Doris believes that age increases natural piety, like a kind of insurance policy falling due…” From Hagar’s self-centered view, Marvin and Doris function as her executers, trying to deprive her identity by symbolically taking away her home. Thus in The Stone Angel the theme of freedom is linked with the question of human
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