Theme Of Death Of Trees

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explaining the importance of trees an important characteristic of his stories dealing with environmental concern. Human activities towards nature not only terrified Bisnu but also affected our ecosystem. Even the delicious wild strawberries, those which Chittru and his friend would eat were destroyed. The demise of forest panicked Bisnu who is habituated with green mountains at his village and not with desert-like dart. When asked about the condition of trees at his village, Bisnu, as if in a voice of protest, complains to Pritam Singh: ‚Nobody has started blasting the hills as yet‛ (499). Having approached to the quarries, Bisnu was shocked watching combustion of shrubs and small trees. The speculation of the same fate of the tress at his village frightened him. Just as the story begins with hope, it ends in hope. It was at the end of the tale that a worldly person like…show more content…
Planting trees are moral duty of man to nurture this love of trees and impart it to their children. This is going beyond one’s own garden, and beautifying the world at large, and creating shelter for birds, butterflies and animals, is the largesse that Bond gives out to the world. In Death of the Trees the dreadful picture of deforestation in name of development. The story betrays a cruel beheads of mountain trees, and shows that lack of ecological propriety reinforces pollution and dreadful consequences. The lives of trees have been cut short for human convenient vivifies another anthropocentric way of promise bereft of any ethical thoughtfulness. Bond exposes how natural demise directly affects the animal world, which is callously overlooked by Public Works Department (PWD): The explosions that continually shatter the silence of the mountains as thousand-year-old rocks are dynamited have frightened away all but the most intrepid of birds and animals. Even the bold langoors haven’t shown their faces for over a fortnight.
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