Theme Of Desert Rose

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SUMMARY FORTY RULES OF LOVE Forty years old Ella Rubenstein is an ordinary unhappy housewife with three children and a un faithful husband, but her life changes dramatically when she takes a job as a reader for literary agency. Her first piece of work is a novel by Aziz, mysteriously named sweet blasphemy about the thirteenth century poet Rumi and his Sufi teacher Shams of Tabriz . Shams of Tabriz is a mystic provocateur who challenges wisdom and social and religious prejudice wherever he encounters it (the beggar, drunk and the prostitute).Between the love story of Ella and Aziz all his emails to Ella pulsate with love and spirituality ultimately help her accept the things she cannot control and be on good terms with herself and others.…show more content…
Aziz points out the difference between religiosity and spirituality as these are not the same. He encouraged Ella through his mails to love herself and avoid worrying about things she can’t control and live her life to the fullest. Desert Rose was a prostitute, her beauty is alluring and her bravery and transformation throughout the story is remarkable. Society looked down on her and they refused to accept her if she wanted to start a new life. Beautiful aspect of Desert Rose is that even though society belittles her and put a stop sign on her life, she was still determined to leave the brothel and find God. When she was a child God was her friend. Life took its twist and eventually she ended up being a prostitute because that was the first thing she learned becoming an adult and it gives her the ability to survive. Her birth name is never revealed, but this name was given to her because she was barren from all the mistreatments of her womb and abortions throughout her prostituting life. The moment when desert rose was identified in the mosque, it became a symbolic event for Desert rose and Shams. Shams is the
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