Theme Of Desire In Pompeii

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Desire appears in Pompeii, through the main character, Milo, when he is put in the arena as a gladiator. He wanted to survive all attacks. He teamed up with another gladiator so they can overcome an army of Russian soldiers. In addition, Milo also felt a desire to save his beloved from her kidnapper and then escort her off the island; saving both of their lives. Between the chapters of Behind Closed Doors: Her Father’s House and Other Stories of Sicily, many characters show a sense of desire. For example, Grace from chapter one, as well as other characters from different chapters desire a relationship. Most of the women in this novel whose husband travel to America, want their family to be reunited. Other wives in this novel do not want their husband to return or do not want to return to their husband. An example of this would be Venera from chapter five and Vanna from chapter seven as they try to run from the mistake of matrimony. In both the novels desire is revealed; however, both forms of desire show distinct differences. In Pompeii, all the characters show a desire to survive or overcome major obstacles, but in the book Behind Closed Doors: Her Father’s House and Other Stories of Sicily, all desire focuses on relationships. Characters want to either rekindle their marriage or break it off and start over. During my traveling experience I felt a sense of desire. Being a tourist, I wanted to experience as many new things as possible and learn everything I could about
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