Theme Of Details In The Kite Runner

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Khalid Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is filled with wonderful details about the characters that are a part of the book, creating almost real visual images for the readers to think of while they’re reading. Efficient use of details can make reading much more interesting and can also leave lasting impressions on the audience from certain situations or characters. The most important characters of the book have many details about them, especially from the beginning, in order to make the readers feel closer to them. A lack of details can also silently add to the book, letting the readers know something without actually saying it. Hosseini sometimes uses detail in certain amounts in order to tell about the characters and have the audience react in a certain way.
The first description of Hassan is on page 3 and it includes a large amount of detail. Hassan’s face is described as round with a broad nose and narrow eyes, but more details are added such as what his chin and
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He has bushy eyebrows, a tanned forehead, and silver-gray hair. This description seems generic, but the detail about his firm grip that seemed as if “steel hid beneath the moisturized skin” sets him apart from the rest by just a little bit. The details don’t make the character seem unfriendly, but they show that he’s a little fake or too uptight, perhaps. His wife, Jamilia Taheri immediately gives off a friendly and happy feeling (148), which calms the readers after being uneasy about Iqbal Taheri. The details are what make her seem this way. She has many flaws, which makes her seem very real and down to earth. She sweats, her hair is thinning, she has a “cabbage-round face”, and fingers like sausages. All of these things aren’t necessarily needed in describing her but they add to the realistic image the audience can practically
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