Theme Of Empathy In The Lottery

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The Importance of Empathy Empathy is fundamental to institute showing sympathy and understanding towards other people. The two stories, “The Lottery” and “The Interlopers”, are centered around solidifying how significant empathy is. The authors in both of the stories use specific literary devices to get their message across. The techniques they use include situational irony, characterization, and pacing. Each of these devices help create the mood of their stories, which aids in your understanding of why empathy is vital in human nature. The irony of each story came to light at the close of the writings. The ending turned out to be something totally different than what it would initially have thought to be, because of how the narratives…show more content…
Their quest to hunt and kill the other led to nothing of importance or progression, they became trapped in peril as the force of mother nature became a bigger conflict than their ultimate enemy. In The Lottery the characters are emotionless towards others, they feel no empathy or remorse. As Tessie was put to death the characters remained calm, sort of relieved it wasn’t them on the other side of the pebbles being put to death by the “community” because of a draw. Even Tessie Hutchinson wasn’t one to complain before her fate of being stoned to death had become reality. After it was her who was chosen, she objected the tradition. The villagers are narcissistic and completely oblivious to the transgressive June 27th tradition. This is a direct insight into how people in our real world operate. We only seek action and justice once the problem begins to affect us firsthand. The lack of empathy prevents us from creating an amicable world. The element in which the authors of The Lottery and The Interlopers slowed the plot and at times sped it up created an emotional appeal for the audience. Changing the pacing at certain points in a story can change the mood. It can fill you with suspense, the plot begins to thicken and the author slows the story down to describe everything in detail, sometimes it’s sped up to create a different arua. At the end of The Lottery Jackson speeds the story
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