Theme Of Everyday Use And The Lottery

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Settings conveying the themes and effects of the short stories: “Everyday Use” and “The Lottery”
1. Introduction Short-stories have made a name for itself through the various accomplished publications by initiating emotions, imagination and love between the characters and the reader. As Harold Goddard in The Meaning of Shakespeare stated “The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.”

1.1 What is setting Authors use setting to help readers picture a realistic background, transport them to strange and exotic places the story accommodates, or even to create a certain mood for the reader to feel when reading a part of the story using elements such as the location, the time, etc. It helps influence the way characters behave, affect the dialogs, predict events, conjure specific emotional responses, reflect the character's society, and even play a part in the story itself.

1.2 Summary of short stories 1.2.1 Everyday Use “Everyday Use” is a narrated story about a mother and daughter awaiting the elder daughter’s arrival whom had left home. Dee arrives as a changed woman, surprising her mother and sister. two family heirloom quilts promised to Maggie, her sister, catch Dee’s attention enough to want to
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The ending throws off the readers completely with what the lottery winner originally gets. It leaves the reader in a world of bafflement and utter discontent as their intended ending was not what occurred. What makes “The Lottery” so eerie for readers is how fast and the amount of ease the villagers turn against Tessie Hutchinson, the victim in this whole plot. The very minute that Tessie Hutchinson is found the “ winner” ,she loses her identity as a popular
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