Theme Of Evil In V For Vendetta

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E for Evil
Every day stories of humanity’s latest atrocities like discrimination, corruption, and police brutality fill the news. These constant reminders of the dark side of humanity encourage some to search for the root of these problems. Authors such as Alan Moore use their work to explore these complex problems as well as human nature. Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta is set in a dystopian London which is run by fascists after a nuclear war. The fascist party, which is known as the Norsefire, implements curfews, mass surveillance, and constant propaganda. The main character, a masked man named V, suffered experiments and torture from the government. The story follows his quest to destroy the regime and seek revenge. In the graphic novel V for Vendetta, the author Alan Moore shows that humans are intrinsically evil, especially when given power and authority over others.
The fingermen and guards’ indifference show Moore’s idea that humans are naturally immoral, expressly in positions of power. In the beginning of the novel, Evey, another main character, leaves her apartment after curfew to make money as a prostitute. As she looks for clients, she encounters undercover Fingerman, the secret police, who proceed to punish her. She pleads for them to not kill her, but they respond, “‘You’ve got it wrong miss. You’ll do anything we want and then we’ll kill you. That’s our prerogative’” (Moore 10). Instead of championing justice like policemen should, the fingermen use
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