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This is an extract from chapter 10 of To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee. This is the scene where Atticus is trying to save the town by killing the mad dog, Tim Johnson. Thus, Atticus’s action have stunned everyone in the Macomb town. Harper Lee have reveal the key themes of the story, courage, growing up, loss of innocence and evil through the actions of Atticus. Moreover, the change in the character’s attitude have been highlighted through the use of metaphor, imagery, repetition and the use of dialogue.

The use of metaphor have help to highlight the change of the citizens attitudes in the town, and to reveal the theme of evil. In line 3 “time had slowed to a nauseating crawl”, it is describing the current situation of the scene
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“With movements…Atticus’s hand yanked…gun to his shoulder”, this is describing the moment that Atticus fired the gun and shot the mad dog. The word “yanked”, shows the urgency of the situation. From this imagery, we can see that it reveals the theme of courage, as Atticus is not afraid even though he knows he is in a dangerous situation, as shown by Calpurnia’s remarks “Sweet Jesus help him”. Showing no one could really help Atticus to kill the dog. Thus Atticus did not want to kill the dog, however he has no choice as he has to protect the Maycomb town. This tells us that Atticus is choosing to do the right thing at the right time, where he will always stands up when things get bad. As a consequence, when the shot is over, he returns to a humble self, and return himself back to an ordinary man and father to both Jem and Scout. This have reveals how Atticus’s attitude changed before and after killing Tim…show more content…
This quote suggest the danger of the mad dog, Tim Johnson. Although the immediate danger of Tim Johnson is over, as he is killed, however there is still some side effects on it, as Atticus says that “He’s just as dangerous as dead as alive”. Therefore this emphasis the importance of not going near the dog at all, which the dog symbolizes the theme of evil and the madness of the society. Moreover the similarity of the name of Tim Johnson the dog and Tom Robinson have foreshadows the events later in the story, which shows the theme of

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