Theme Of Eye Of The Tiger

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Felipe Rodrigo Sterman
8 grade
IRP 1 soundtrack Eye of the tiger -Lyrics- 0:56
This song represent when the tension of the book grows up and up until the fight between Rusty and Biff Wilcox, there is a lot of adrenaline while they both prepare for the mega fight, this is a really tense part of the book, that's why Eye of the tiger where they both need to show all their strength and scare each other for the fight.Biff Wilcox needs to fight for his life, for his will to survive as they mention on the song.

Parachute - Hurricane
This song represents when Rusty gets expel from the school, which is a sad moment of his life, Rusty doesn't know what to do with his life and he starts thinking that it was stupid to get expel, and they are changing him to the school which Beef Wilcox is and he is scared, because he knows if he goes he is a dead men. Before he use to think school was stupid and now he is regretting it. He has friends and he has a reputation,in his school and a career to continue with, when I heard this song it made me remember of this moment of the story, that's why I chose and I think there is not much better than this song to explain the
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