Theme Of Family In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Many families suffer from issues of hunger, money, addiction, and more. But not many family conflicts lead to a family member killing another family member. This although, was a common occurrence during the Holocaust. Many of the Jews killed each other for food and other needs that people now take for granted. In Elie Wiesel's novel, Night, Elie shows the digression of families throughout the beginning, middle and end of the book to demonstrate the inhumanity of the prisoners at the camps. At the beginning of the novel, when the Jews first arrive at the camps, all they have left is their family, so they cling to them. During one of the work periods, Elie comes across two brothers, “Yass and Tibi, two brothers… whose parents had been exterminated… they lived for each other, body and soul” (Wiesel 50). This relationship between the two siblings shows, a bond that has been strengthened by loss. Elie includes this small tidbit about them to show that the Jews still have some hope and compassion still in them. Once news of evacuation hits the camp, Elie’s only thought is of his father, “I was not thinking about death but not wanting to be seperated from my father” (Wiesel 82). This shows the personal level of how the Holocaust affected the families in it. It shows that because family was the only thing that they had left, that was all that they could think about. The Jews lose everything when the arrive at the camp so they cling to what they have, their family. Then, throughout the middle of the novel, the strength of family bonds of the Jews is tested. After the run, a Rabbi asks Elie if he had seen his son, Elie tells him that he had not. Then Elie realizes that he had seen his son on the run, but he does not tell the Rabbi because his son left him behind on purpose. The text states, “He had felt his father growing weaker… by this separation to free himself of a burden that could diminish his own chance for survival” (Wiesel 91). This is where the reader begins to see the toll that the concentration camps are having on the families. Elie includes this to show, that now, family members see each other as burdens rather than a blessing. Later in the novel, family members go as far as taking a life. One old man

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