Theme Of Father And Son Relationship In Night By Elie Wiesel Night

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By undergoing the torture,they are pushed to the limits. Elie and his father shared a distant relationship and lacked of support. Their relationship went from an imperfect relationship to a strong bond. Their bond strengthen when they had to rely on each other for comfort. The father and son relationship displayed, “Elie Wiesel Night” symbolizes the need for human contact, a strong reliable faith and the important family bond. In the book “Night” Elie Wiesel and his father Shlomo Wiesel relationship, “ My father was a cultured man, rather unsentimental. “He rarely displayed his feelings, not even within his family and was more involved with the welfare of others than with his own kin (Wiesel 4).” Elie’s father was also against him from learning Kabbalah, something that Elie wanted to do, but his father told him that he was just too young. Shlomo wanted Elie to forget about Kabbalah. It is clear that his father did not support him. Both the father and son was acting like two strangers toward each other,because they knew nothing about each other. When Elie and his family enter the concentration camp at Birkenau. After being separated from his mother and sister. That’s when he really starts worrying about his father. So Elie and his father are not together and he can not see his father. Elie portrays his emotional as he watched his father get beats badly. “Only yesterday, I would have dug my nails in the criminals flesh (Wiesel 39).” Although they did not have a close

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