Theme Of Fear And Pity In Antigone

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Antigone” Fear and Pity, Family Obligation Antigone is a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. Tragedy is defined as an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. The story begins with a death and ends with a death, and Sophocles does an excellent job employing many different types of ways to include fear and pity and this brings the tragedy alive. Especially with the fear of death when is abundantly rampant throughout the entire play. Although, written around 442 BC, it is just as well applied now as it was then.
We know that Antigone and Ismene lost their father in war, and then their brothers died in battle at the hands of one another. The one brother, Polyneices, was left on the field to die and unburied. This was because Polyneices, decided to fight against Thebes in battle and chose Argos. The brother Eteocles fought for Thebes and Creon. The two sisters are all that is left of Oedipus. Now in the play you feel pity for the two sisters having lost so much at this stage in life and that they have experienced so much death and in such horrible situations.
We read that Creon has issued a law that if anyone buries the body of Polyneices they will be sentenced to death. Antigone plans to bury her brother regardless of the law set into place. She is going to try and do it in secrecy and to avoid detection. She asks her sister, Ismene, to join her in the burial, but she refuses. At this point in the play the you realize the fear setting in. Ismene believes
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