Theme Of Fear In Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury depicts a society built upon fear. Because of this, society grows physically, but not spiritually. For example, each person in this society follows a similar schedule making any small disruption in this routine noticeable. Commoner, Guy Montag, lives under this constant watch but never disturbs the peace until he meets a new neighbor, Clarisse McClellan, who wakes him up from the robotic society. Although Montag supports this new concept, introduced by Clarisse, he still manages to contradict it with his actions. Bradbury uses the motif of hands to demonstrate that decisions made out of fear often cause a loss of humanity in an individual. Clarisse McClellan, a neighbor of Montag, shows Montag how he…show more content…
In this situation, devoted firemen that support what they do surround Montag. This puts Montag in a risky place because if any of his actions seem abnormal, his fellow firemen will notice. Out of fear that this will happen, Montag's hand takes charge and crushes the book with passion. Again, every time Montag counteracts his beliefs, created by Clarisse, in his actions, regarding burning books, it chips away at his humanity. During his work day, fellow firemen who believe in burning books surround Montag. Because Montag does not believe in this concept, he lives in fear that firemen will find out and share the news to his boss. To achieve this, Montag must complete some inhumane tasks. For example, a call to duty, of burning books found in a house, to Montag's fire station order them to the scene. A woman stands in her house surrounded by books she has hidden. She refuses to let the firemen burn the books and stood in the house to burn with them. As Montag piles up more and more books to burn, the narrator observes , “Montag had done nothing. His hand had done it all, his hand, with a brain of its own, with a conscience and a curiosity in each trembling finger, had turned thief” (35). At this point in Montag's life, he strongly believes in the preservation of books. Montag frequently completes jobs alongside many other fireman who do support the act of burning books. Therefore, out of fearfulness,
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