Theme Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck’s Use of Foreshadowing In “Of Mice and Men”
How does John Stienback use foreshadowing? In “of Mice and Men”, John Steinbeck uses foreshadowing in very many ways. In of mice and men there are many character that may be named with the following; Lennie, George, Curley, Crooks, Candy, The Boss, Curley’s Wife (This person remained nameless throughout the entire story). In “of Mice and Men” Linney (one of the main characters) Is a large man who is looking for a farm or “a fatal land” with his friend and companion George, although he just remains to keep constantly causing trouble wherever he voyages. John Steinbeck used foreshadowing in “Of Mice and Men” by referencing to Lennie’s obsession repeatedly, by voicing the IDEA of the American Dream, and by creating a parallel between Linney and the dog.
In “Of Mice and Men”, John Steinburg uses foreshadowing in many very clever ways. Linney kills a mouse. This is already foreshadowing to another book or piece of art. In the poem, “To a Mouse” there is a tiny simple mouse and the lived in a field. This already is foreshadowing because fields are meant to be plowed and cared for. Meanwhile, the farmer does so, causing the mice’s house and home to be destroyed. In this poem, the author states, “Mice and Men” therefore, where John Steinbeck names his book. In the poem, it also says,” and leaves grief and pain” hinting that in the book, all that is going to be left is grief and pain.
In ‘Of Mice and Men”, John Steinbeck
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